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The best part is how easy it is to get both around and out of the city into the countryside.

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(In most other countries, counties have entering and exiting signs). Our separate files on each Parish describe their islands.Some have interesting histories, or are privately owned or both. Some are wild life reserves, with signs telling people on foot or in boats that landing is prohibited.On the north, west, and south they are surrounded by reefs.

He owned 50 acres of Pembroke land, including both the hill and the island that bears his name. It can be seen from the Fairylands shoreline by cruise ship and ferry boat passengers.

The whole of Bermuda is tiny - with a land area of only 21 square miles or 56 square kilometers. Residents and visitors travel from one end to the other in just over an hour and from north to south in 10 to 15 minutes.

Bermuda is said to have begun some 100 million year ago as a volcanic mountain, with the volcanoes having disappeared 70 million or so years ago.

Bermuda is a nominal British territory - nominal because despite being British it is self-governing internally, makes all its own laws and does not use any from the United Kingdom.

It treats everyone - including the British - not born in Bermuda with a Bermudian parent, or without Bermudian status obtained prior to 1995 or by marriage after 10 years of marriage to the same Bermudian (and living with the spouse), as a foreigner.