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Derek Starnes told a local station that he and his wife noticed a tiny black hole on the room's smoke detector.

When he took it down to inspect it, he discovered that the hole was actually a tiny camera equipped with a microphone.

they’d likely put a camera in the dressing down areas like the bathroom, shower room and bedroom.” Roberts adds that customers should also go over the property with a flash light, check mirrors for two-way glass, invest in a digital device detector, and scan the area for camera feeds using the home’s Wi Fi.

Most hosts generally allow you access to their local network via wifi. Not a full proof method of detection but can give an indication.

The location of the home and identity of the host has not been made public.

Scott’s tweet has already be retweeted over 23,000 times.

(CBS Local) — Another Airbnb customer has reportedly found a hidden camera set up inside a household object while staying in a rental home.

The latest allegations against an Airbnb host is sparking fierce debate about whether the company can assure their customers of total privacy during their stay. 27, went viral after the historian and film maker shared a picture from his friend’s Airbnb.

You can also get creative and incorporate cameras within inexpensive decorative items.

Be careful not to use an object that stands out too much as fake.

Also, don’t hide a camera within something that looks like an object of value unless you want to "plant" a camera on the thief!

They immediately called the Longboat Police Department.

Police arrested the owner of the home, Wayne Natt, 56, and charged him with one count of video voyeurism.