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Sie war es, die mich jederzeit unterstützt, ernährt und dazu erzogen hat, eine gesunde Portion Selbstbewusstsein und -vertrauen zu entwickeln.
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Whenever I could, I would get my girlfriends to leave their nylons on during sex and most of them soon figured out my fetish even if I didn't tell them about it.Women whom I felt I could really trust, I would ask if they minded me also wearing pantyhose during sex.I was shaving my legs and hands and painting my nails now, but as I never showed my face, I could have all sorts of fun on the net.My fascination with crossdressing grew and I eventually bought a wig and makeup and began to fully crossdress.And then of course there are the transsexuals themselves who live their lives as women and are usually on HRT and have, or will undertake, surgery to correct nature's mistakes.There, now if I haven't pissed off most of the transgendered community I will be surprised; but as I said these labels work for ME.

As long as I can remember I have had a fetish for nylons.

Of course it hadn't taken me long to try wearing hosiery, probably the day after my first wank, and I often wore nylons during solo sex.

I also started to wear nylon and satin panties and sometimes slips, just to increase the lovely sensuous feel of nylon, satin and Lycra or other sexy materials against my body.

It was about this time that I went further and purchased my first women's clothes.

Sure I had bought lingerie and hosiery before, but I bought a skirt, blouse and high heels and began to dress up as a woman whilst chatting and camming.