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Planning staff manage development in the best interest of the City by applying regulations and standards that make our City a better place to live, work, and play, through which the quality of life in Concord takes shape.

The division maintains, updates, and implements the General Plan (the "constitution" for the City) through a continuing review of all development.

The Planning Division is also responsible for long-range planning and environmental review for the City of Concord.

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The Planning Division reviews and issues permits at the Permit Center in cooperation with the Engineering and Building Divisions.

Certain types of permits, such as sign permits or accessory building approvals, can be reviewed and approved over the counter if the required documentation and information is submitted and all of the approval requirements can be met.

Please note that staff are unable to accept and process new applications after PM.

Project applicants are encouraged to meet with staff and submit plans for pre-application review prior to filing a formal application for a discretionary permit.