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John Palfrey, a Harvard University law professor and co-director of the Berkman Center for Internet and Society, said the move from Craigslist was still a victory because it moved the ads off a highly visible location."Will people be able to find these ads online? "Will they be able to find these on legitimate sites? Attorneys general from 17 states sent Craiglist a letter last month demanding that it take down its adult services section, saying the company was not doing enough to deter prostitution and child trafficking.

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A CV should use APA style with clear headings, no flashy graphics or unusual formatting, and a simple business font, such as Times New Roman or Arial, Landrum says. Precise technical language is fine, but avoid jargon.Use action verbs and active voice instead of passive voice.Medicine: Whether in the medical or dental industry, your expertise and ability to excel in the field will be clearly illustrated by skillfully combining your scholarly contributions, clinical experience, and other qualifying factors to optimize your presentation. market and the above details do not apply, one of our resume service options is appropriate. In each area of focus, our proprietary Skill Net™ questionnaire will draw out essential areas of your background, and our strategic development of your CV will highlight your education, credentials, professional experience, and achievements to effectively target your next set of responsibilities and challenges. So, don't include attendance at conferences unless you delivered a presentation or had a leadership role.

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The resulting format makes the resume an ideal resource when applying for professional positions in the business sector.Likewise, briefly describe your responsibilities for each research, teaching or clinical position."Someone might list that he was a teaching assistant for Psych 265, but no one knows what Psych 265 is," Prinstein says.Academia: By strategically balancing your academic contributions and activities against your subject-area and pedagogical expertise, we will ensure college and university hiring committees immediately see your full value.Science / Research: Your ability to be an integral member or leader of a research team, in addition to previous research successes, case studies, clinical trials, or other credentials, will be fully captured and conveyed effectively to show you are well prepared for the next research challenge. Within the United States, resumes are the standard form of documentation to display your professional and educational history.