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PRL is the abbreviation for "Preferred Roaming List." This information tells your phone which cell phone towers connect to the network on which it runs, and the order in which to connect to towers in your area.Sprint sends out these updates automatically; you probably haven't realized your phone has been receiving them.

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Femtocells -- which utilize newer technology than signal repeaters and boosters -- are typically attached to the wireless router in your home. An SCRTN (which stands for Special Code To Reset the Network) is a technical term used by the mobile industry.Basically, an SCRTN will reset your phone's connection to the carrier network, which is why an SCRTN is sometimes referred to as a "carrier wipe".The phone will reboot a couple of times as it resets your network connection and information. You can test to see if your connection to the mobile network is working by turning off your wifi connection in the main Settings app - if you see an icon that says 3G or 4G at the top of your phone screen, and you can connect to Text Now or any other internet app, it's working! I'm still not getting a network signal after the SCRTN!These codes will be slightly different depending on your Text Now device: If you have a phone you brought over to Text Now that isn't one of the models we sell, check your phone's manual for information on the SCRTN code for your particular device. If that's the case, you can check out additional troubleshooting steps on our Data Connectivity article here.You're driving down a remote dirt road and you need to make a call -- but your cell phone is in a dead zone and doesn't get a signal.