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Needed something that would work on Android, OSX and windows without having to store passwords on a USB or dropbox encrypted files.

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Read full review I have tried out a few other password managers but I have stayed with dashlane for ease of use and other reasons.

Read full review The need to be secure smashes against the need for convenience. The folks at Dashlane spend all their time being paranoid about online privacy and security and then create a way for me to follow good practices without the inconvenience of having to remember dozens of passwords.

I've used it for years now and always recommend it to friends.

Used it for the past 3 years, the best password manager I've had. Read full review I've been using Dashlane for a couple of years now.

Seriously I can't imagine how I survived all the hassles from website logins prior to Dashlane! I have over 400 login credentials stored there, plus credit cards, passports, etc.