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Updating tnsnames ora

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In the example below I'm using the domain "" you should change this for your own domain name: Many small and medium sized companies do everything under a single domain name, in which case these global names will seem like unnecessary work but if you do end up managing multiple domains at some point in the future (e.g.

if your company is merged with another company) then having global names in place will make things much easier to manage. File, Save will save this configuration into the file.

There a a few ways to do this, but one way (the one covered here) is to set an environment variable, TNS_ADMIN, on the client, whose value is the UNC path to the folder that contains the files.

The script reads a list of servers from a text file that you provide, reaches out and sets the environment variable on each server.

TCP is the TCP protocol used for TCP/IP connections.

port_number is the port number of the Oracle Net listener. host_name is the name that defines the system where the target Oracle server resides.

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This can be used to limit the effect of Denial of Service or brute force dictionary attacks.

A month ago one of our developers needed access to some objects from one schema to another using database link.

To enable database link he tried to create entry in file but had a problem with insufficient permissions.

This name must be in the local host definition on the AS/400 or in a name server on your network.

The host name can also be entered as an IP address, for example, 1.12.